Unemployment in the Las Cruces area is slowly falling, but that’s not enough for District 33—we need not just jobs, but quality jobs that attract and retain skilled, talented labor. To do that, we need aggressive workforce development initiatives.


Most of us are one major health-related event from financial catastrophe. Many people who work full time are unable to afford health insurance even if it is offered by their employer! No one should have to choose between having health care and being homeless.


Every child should have access to the best possible education. Our public schools can become competitive with innovative solutions like the Community School model that is already at work in our school system.

District 33

I was not recruited to run for this seat. I’m doing this to make a difference for the community I care about, and I’d be deeply appreciative for your support. I will make my campaign promises to you, my friends and neighbors, not to Santa Fe. 


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Guenevere McMahon
Guenevere McMahon2 days ago
This was sent to my website but I wanted to make sure everyone got to see it:


I met Guenevere at a local function and had a lengthy discussion regarding early childhood education in New Mexico. I was very impressed with her genuine interest and knowledge about the needs of families living in poverty and how important it is for parents to have quality childcare for their children. Guenevere shows her dedication and true interest in making New Mexico Childcare programs succeed by being an advocate for a stronger early childhood workforce, better compensation for teachers and more access to subsidy dollars for families in need of childcare services. I have remained in constant communication with Guenevere and she makes her self-accessible to all events relevant to early childhood and family needs In New Mexico. I strongly support Guenevere for New Mexico State Representative.

Lupe Nevarez
Guenevere McMahon
Guenevere McMahon3 days ago
My dear friend Else Duff just posted this and I am just overwhelmed by her faith in me. We’ve know each other since we were 12 years old, and she has always been the softest of hearts and kindest of people. Thank you, friend. District 33–get out and vote for authenticity, compassion and integrity.


4 days ago
New Mexico files counterclaims in water fight with Texas #abq via @abqjournal
4 days ago
New Mexico House District 33 Democratic primary preview: Micaela Lara Cadena, Mary Martinez White and Guenevere Ruth McMahon.

Initial Press Release

LAS CRUCES – Guenevere McMahon has announced that she will run for the District 33 seat in the New Mexico House of Representatives that will be vacated by Bill McCamley in 2018. She is the third Democrat to enter the race to replace him.

McMahon is a native New Mexican who has lived in Las Cruces for 36 years and in District 33, which is in southern Las Cruces, for more than 10 years, according to her announcement. She is a graduate of both Mayfield High School and New Mexico State, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in government and a master’s in public administration.

She is a nationally recognized fiber artist and former costume designer for ASNMSU Center for the Arts at NMSU, according to her announcement.

“As a former single, welfare mother working her way through college to a successful teacher, mentor and artist, I am ready and able to meet people where they are,” she said. “As a representative, my experiences mean that I can compassionately advocate for what my community members need to achieve success.”

McMahon said she supports a reduction in “corporatized standardized testing” and shifting more money to the classrooms, diversifying the state’s economy, conservation of natural resources and taking advantage of our national monuments to increase tourism.

Social justice, including better access to both mental and standard health care, is needed to address issues like domestic violence and addiction, she said.

McMahon said she will plan neighborhood events to allow voters to meet her and get a better idea what their concerns are.

Other Democrats who have also announced their intentions to seek the seat are Micaela Lara Cadena, a mother and research director for a local non-profit, and Mary Martinez White, a former county treasurer and court administrator.

McCamley has announced that he will give up the seat to run for state auditor.



Guenevere McMahon was born in Albuquerque and moved to Las Cruces when she was 12 years old. She attended Alameda Jr High and graduated from Mayfield High School. She attended NMSU and holds a Bachelor in Government and a Master in Public Administration. She is a nationally recognized fiber artist and previously worked as a Costume Designer at the ASNMSU Center for the Arts at NMSU, as well as Community Relations Coordinator for Mesilla Valley Hospice. She’s been a vendor at the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market, a free lance costume designer, grant writer and teaches sewing in an after school enrichment program. She has volunteered with the Dona Ana Arts Council Career Art Path program for over 8 years and for the American Association of University Women’s “Girls Can!” Conference. 

Like many young women here, Guenevere went to college as a single parent of two small children and relied on state assistance to provide what she could not,  and she understands the challenges women face when trying to create a better life for themselves and their children. Her commitment to the most vulnerable in our population stems from her own experience of struggling to achieve economic independence and a better life for her children and witnessing how many roadblocks the system places in the way of people who are trying to achieve a more secure, independent life. 

Guenevere has three children and three grandchildren, all of whom have gone or go to public school in the LCPS school system. She has many friends who are teachers and many who are parents, and knows that many of the the solutions to challenges facing the school system can be generated from the ground up by listening to all stakeholders and using existing infrastructure to better meet their needs and increase involvement and collaboration within neighborhoods and their schools. No one knows the needs of the school system better than those who are on the ground; parents, teachers and students. 

Guenevere’s decision to run for State Representative stems from her belief that our community is not reflective of the hyper-partisan politics of the current national situation. In our community, we live side-by-side, work together, and respect each other. Most importantly, we LISTEN to each other. We share core values and understand the need to negotiate and compromise in order to continue forward progress in our community. If enough of us stand up and invest in what is closest to us we will shift the bigger picture and make our day-to-day lives better, and that investment will pay off for each and every one of us today and in the future.

  • "Ms. McMahon is certainly what New Mexico needs right now. Sound and solid representation."

    Michelle Blackwell
    Las Cruces
  • "Finally-- a representative that understands and cares about the working poor!"

    Lindsay Neal
    Las Cruces
  • "Definitely someone who represents my interests."

    Karen Paur-Perez
    Las Cruces
  • "She’s smart, she’s tough, and she cares about the people of Las Cruces.
    What more could you ask for in a politician?"

    Jenny Aguero
  • "Genni has the balance of intelligence and common sense to do a great job of representing everyone."

    Marian Frazier
  • "One of the smartest, most compassionate people in the world.  She's an advocate for women, the unemployed, and the disadvantaged that I'd definitely want on my side."

    Joy Lackey
  • "She cares about the things we care about, and is an advocate for real change. She'll be a voice for all of the diverse communities within her district."

    Donny Prosise
  • "As a long time advocate for the Arts and a working filmmaker making a living right here in Las Cruces, it's refreshing to endorse a candidate who truly values the importance of Art and Education in our community. Ars enim vitae!"

    David Salcido
  • "I have known Guenevere for over 30 years.  She is highly intelligent, caring, creative, and dedicated.  She will make a great state representative because she listens to her constituents and will work hard to make change happen!"

    Michelle Casillas

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