“I have known Guinevere McMahon since middle school, and I see her as the most qualified person to run for State Representative in District 33. As a teacher, mother, and successful businesswoman Genni has done it all. I know she understands that the state has let teachers and students down, and I trust her to work for all teachers and staff who interact daily with our kids to remedy the problems New Mexico faced.”

Brandy Ann Snyder
LCHS Teacher

“I met Guinevere as she was canvassing.  I liked her message and since then have been reviewing all 3 Democratic candidates for House District 33.  She has earned my vote in the primary.  I want to thank her for responding (with specifics) when asked for her position on issues.  Please keep knocking on doors Guinevere and getting yourself and your message out there.  And, thanks for your willingness to lead!”

Milly Rodriguez

She Will be a Powerhouse of Dedication and Support for Art Education and Advocacy

As a local art educator for the past 24 years, I have had the privilege of working with Guenevere McMahon on numerous occasions. I can attest to her enthusiastic support of educating and inspiring Las Cruces youth. I am excited to see her bring her passion for the arts to her candidacy for the District 33 House of Representatives. If elected, she will be a powerhouse of dedication and support for art education and advocacy.

My first opportunity to work with Guenevere was 15 years ago. I was the lead teacher for “Career Art Path” a Dona Ana Arts Council sponsored 2 weeks art camp for local middle school students. The purpose of the camp was to expose students to potential careers in the arts. One of my duties as lead teacher was to find 10 local artists in various fields of expertise who were willing to give up a morning of their work time to speak to the students. For the 8 years that I served as lead teacher, Guenevere came to the camp and shared with the students. She never hesitated to volunteer. She was always a favorite with the students and related to them on a level that showed she cared! She was enthusiastic, passionate, and authentic in her interactions with the students. She had this ability to convey to the students her genuine desire to see them thrive artistically as individuals. As a fellow educator, I looked forward to her presentations and received my yearly dose of “Guenevere inspiration”. She is a gifted individual who shares without hesitation and makes others better.

In the years following Career Art Path, I have continued to observe Guenevere give the the Las Cruces Arts Community. She visited with my classes at Onate High School. She brought her sketches, and explained the process of creating costume design. Once again, I saw my students inspired and motivated by a consummate professional who was willing to give with passion and love. I’ve watched her dedication to her position at NMSU, and local theater. She shared her ideas with a community choir, “Singing Out” that I was a member of to help us all look a little more 80’s in style. I’ve witnessed her interaction with my former students as they crossed her path and received support from her generous nature and wealth of creative knowledge.

Kristin Boren
Arts Educator, Onate High School

One of the Strongest Women I know

When you are a female in college, chances of getting hit on or liked by someone is inevitable, even if you are not seeking it out. I had one of those instances. I am friendly, dress differently and seem very approachable, and it works against me when it comes to the certain men out there that take that to the next level. A man approached me one day my freshman year of college, while I was doing homework at the student center and decided to talk to me. I was being friendly, but I didn’t think much of him talking to me, I was busy. He kept on insisting that I was in one of his classes, but I was not and the way he was talking to me just seemed strange. He asked for my number, but I had no intention of ever reaching out to him. I felt no harm in giving him my number especially when in reality, it could have not even been my real number.

Shortly after that, I ended up seeing him show up everywhere I was on campus. Every class, outside of the bathroom, outside of the student center, riding his bicycle around me while I was walking or sitting in the grass outside of the science hall with friends. This guy had my schedule down and that made me extremely uneasy. I feared walking by myself to my car. I started to get unpleasant messages and things started to get out of hand. He was texting my phone constantly and calling me almost every day and I never replied once to a text message or phone call. It got to the point where I didn’t feel safe, which no person should ever have to feel, especially at their own school where they spend most of their time.

It got to the point where I contacted security on campus and they gave him a warning that if he ever got near me again, there would be consequences and I would have to file a restraining order against him. I never saw him after that, until my final semester of college.

I was in the costume shop with my professor Guenevere McMahon and a couple of classmates. My back was facing the entrance of the door of the inside of the shop while I was talking to Guenevere at her desk facing the entrance of the shop when I heard a distinct voice ask if anyone wanted a wooden pencil. When I turned to look to see, my stomach knotted. He left the room after handing Guenevere the pencil and I immediately told her who he was and that he cannot be in this room ever again, that he once stalked me and that campus police were to be contacted if he showed up again and sure enough he did, minutes later, and Guenevere asked for him to get out of the room that very instant and he played the “I have no idea what is going on” game and campus police was called immediately after. I felt sick. Of all people this guy could have come across, it was Guenevere McMahon, one of the strongest women I know and an extremely active feminist.

I ended up going to court to obtain a restraining order against him with Guenevere by my side and she spoke as a witness for me. She took time off from work to go with me the few times we had to go to court. She strongly advocated for me. I felt like giving up, I knew who I was up against and as a female, it is harder to win against anyone like this when you have a male attorney who feels like they can say anything they feel like to you without your feelings ever being considered. I felt like I was knocked down. She helped me to stay strong and to push through it, and to this day I would have never been able to go through all of that if she had not been with me.

Micheline Halloul

Guenevere shows her dedication in making New Mexico Childcare programs succeed

I met Guenevere at a local function and had a lengthy discussion regarding early childhood education in New Mexico. I was very impressed with her genuine interest and knowledge about the needs of families living in poverty and how important it is for parents to have quality childcare for their children. Guenevere shows her dedication and true interest in making New Mexico Childcare programs succeed by being an advocate for a stronger early childhood workforce, better compensation for teachers and more access to subsidy dollars for families in need of childcare services. I have remained in constant communication with Guenevere and she makes her self-accessible to all events relevant to early childhood and family needs In New Mexico. I strongly support Guenevere for New Mexico State Representative.

Lupe Nevarez